Other Header Coatings

Besides CermaKrome, PRO-KOTE INDY has other popular exhaust system coatings available. All of these are thermal barrier coatings with all of the advantages of CermaKrome, but have different colors and textures to match any style or design. Be sure to call us if you have questions or unique needs.

Turbo X

PRO-KOTE INDY recommends Turbo X for the extreme temperatures found on turbochargers and associated tubing. Turbo X greatly reduces underhood temperatures and that gives added YEARS of life to your expensive components. Improved exhaust gas velocity increases horsepower too. Available in Semi-gloss Black or Blue. Good to 2500 degrees F.


CermaSSteel is a variation of CermaKrome and has the look of polished stainless steel. Like all our coatings, CermaSSteel affords tremendous corrosion and thermal protection to your parts. A great look for engine components and brackets as well as exhaust!

Factory Grey Cast Ceramic

This coating is great for restoration of exhaust manifolds, and looks like brand-new virgin cast iron when finished. Better yet, it maintains that great look for many years (not like that paint stuff that’s good for about 3 weeks). PRO-KOTE INDY custom mixes this to match the EXACT color you need.

Black Velvet

Available in Black Satin Finish. Good to 1300 Degrees F

So you want your “Stuff” Coated?

It’s EASY –
1. Give us a call TODAY at 317-872-0001 to discuss your ideas for parts, coatings, color and texture choices. You’ll find that we actually LIKE to talk to customers about their projects. We’ll be HONEST with you, telling you what we can and can’t do. We’ll also be able to give you an accurate price quote at that time, and tell you what YOU can do to prepare the parts so that your cost will be even less.

2. Pack up your parts & Ship them to us. Use cardboard boxes and lots of crumpled newspaper (or foam “peanuts”) to prevent damage to your parts during shipping. Ship to us any way you like…we recommend UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, etc. We use UPS Ground mostly for return shipping and try to stay away from the fairly slow US Postal Service.

Ship to:

Pro-Kote Indy
8813 Robbins Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46268

3. Receive your coated parts back from us, all coated real nice & pretty! And we’ll have carefully packed and shipped them to you so they’ll look great on your project!


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